How you can help

PhilNeedsHelp_smlThere are many ways you can help New Jersey Clothing and Food Rescue.   First of being, ‘like‘ our page, on Facebook at    There you will learn immediately about what we are doing, what items we are looking for to fill a specific need for someone. Whether it be clothing of a specific size, food and hygiene items, or even supplies for pets, a person or family in crisis may need.   If you have any clean clothing items, food items, or pet supplies, please give Phil Stafford, our Volunteer and Donation coordinator a call at 201-747-8706. Or email at

JacketDistribution We are always looking for volunteers for sorting of clothing and other items at our headquarters in Passaic, New Jersey.   This can include, sorting items by type, size and gender.   A few hours a day can make a huge difference in speeding up the response time, during a disasterAt N.J. Food & Clothing Rescue, our mission is redistributes donated food, clothing, personal hygiene items and at times household items, furniture and other necessities in a rapid manner to people in crisis whether it be due to fire, homelessness or personal economic situations.

Volunteers are also needed to respond immediately to fire or disaster needs, to find out who needs help, and what do victims need (did they flee with only the clothes on back? Do they need jackets? Food?)   Volunteers would relay this information back to Phil, so that a package can be put together for delivery.

Maybe you have a professional skill that could become an integral part of our organization?

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Phil at 201-747-8706 or email at

Below is a list of items that we need on a regular basis so we can continue to help those in need.


  • Warm hoodies (new and used) Garage sales are great places to find these
  • Warm stretch hats
  • Shampoo – all sizes
  • Shaving cream – all sizes
  • Deodorant – all sizes
  • KIDS tooth brushes
  • Adult tooth brushes
  • Tooth paste – all sizes
  • Regular size bar soap
  • Diapers – all sizes
  • Baby wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products (sanitary napkins, Tampons etc)
  • Juice boxes
  • Snack cracker sandwiches (with peanut butter, cheese, Peanut butter & Jelly)
  • SMALL packs of fig newtons
  • Oatmeal individual packs
  • Canned tuna
  • Hearty canned soups
  • Microwavable mac n cheese (the little cups)
  • Mens crew socks
  • Chef boy ardee canned meals (meat raviolis, beefaroni, spaghetti and meatballs etc)

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